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Laughter is the best medicine

It is my belief that laughter is a healer. If it be for a moment, a day or forever. I am an old hat at dealing with pain. Mental emotional and physical pain. Mental and emotional pain is sometimes just as hard to deal with as physical pain. I now deal with this on a daily basis.

 My little girl dream was to one day become a hairdresser. There was something calming in my world of chaos when I immersed myself into playing with hair. It all began with my dolls. My career as a hairdresser, model and makeup artist took me on a remarkable journey. Meet Helena the founder of -free services for the needy program- setup in our school of hairdressing. There are so many that will touch your heart make you laugh or cry. Share the stories, gossip, secrets and humor involving the lives I touched and that touched me. The lessons learned witty moments, accomplishments and disappointments. I write about the students, Melissa who was deaf, Billie and Dorothy only naming a few. The teachers like Miss Boobie Two Shoes or Mrs. Kitchen, customers and employers. Betty, Nora, Joel and more. All who have passed through my life. Sit in my virtual chair as you relive those times with me. Through my ears, listen to gossip, the disappointments or joys of so many. I will take you for a walk down memory lane. Hairdressers, cultivate a trust and relationship not shared with any other profession. Every person you know has been touched in one way or the other by a hairdresser or beautician.


Clothing Art

This is the only art I know of that you can put in the washing machine and have it look just as beautiful time after time.

I am a seventy- two year old medically, retired woman, residing in Woodstock Ont. Canada. I have three amazing children, two sons, and one daughter. I brag about my grandchildren, a granddaughter and a grandson. Ron and I married at nineteen have been married fifty-three interesting and adventurous years.
A severe, car accident over forty-five years ago (caused by a drunk driver), robbed me of my careers and left me to live the rest of my life in chronic pain. Until then I was a successful hairdresser, make-up artist and a model. That was just one of seven car accidents. Someone once said I was the unluckiest person they had ever met. Ron quickly corrected them, telling them I am the luckiest. Although in pain, I am still walking and alive. I am also a two-time cancer survivor and if it is in Gods plans, I will survive this third pending threat as well. Thus making it the 33rd time under a surgeon's knife.
It came as a surprise when it was suggested I write about my life, and the hairdressing stories I had been telling for so many years. I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember but writing a story was foreign to me. Having received no formal training in art or writing, I rely strictly on raw talents provide by God. I am hoping my stories will inspire someone to live their dreams too. I want to pass my strength on to others.
I pride myself on being a happy, positive and giving person who likes to share as much as I can with others. This cannot always be physical and I do believe laughter is contagious and I have plenty of that to go around.

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Published short stories – For the Love of a Sister – Christmas Gifts.

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I have had over 34 surgeries both minor and major and am looking at two more in the near future and I know that unless we find a way to deal with our pain we can surely go crazy. I am proud to say I am a two time cancer survivor.

I do believe that Laughter is a great medicine and I practice what I preach. I am the founder of a group called SAS " Share A Smile"

I also enjoy cooking and can cook something from almost every country in the world.

I also have a store Chezhannon Gifts where you can find items for all occasions.

Chronic Pain

Sometimes this is not just physical as it affects us mentally, emotionally as well as physically. There are so many of us who have pain everyday and we do not realize that our pain affects us in so many different ways plus all the people around us.

Speaking events

I have had the privilege of speaking at these events:

The women's Probus Club in Brantford ont.

Momondays's group in London Ont

Professionals Fundraisers group in London Ont

Share A Smile - S.A.S living with chronic pain